Cultivated Sparkling Soda Max I Raspberry Lemonade I 10mg Delta 9 THC I 4 Pack

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Try our Cultivated Sparkling Sodas in (5) MG LITE options for beginners and (10) MG MAX options for experienced users

Product Details : Raspberry Lemonade

Our all new Raspberry Lemonade Sparkling Soda is a fruit forward beverage made with delicious Raspberry fruit puree, real fruit lemonade and the highest quality water soluble THC. The unique flavor combines the juicy, slightly floral, and refreshing notes of real Raspberry with the refreshing citrus found in real lemonade. Infused with the mind blowing effects of high quality THC this beverage will be your new favorite.
Raspberry Lemonade comes in 5mg LITE and 10mg MAX THC potencies. 5mg LITE is designed for those new to cannabis, we recommend starting low and slow to determine your tolerance level. 10mg MAX is made for those with more cannabis experience and a higher cannabinoid tolerance. 
We hope you love curated beverages as much as we do!


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