Cultivated Sparkling Soda Max I Lemon Lime After GLow I 10mg Delta 9 THC I 4 Pack

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Try our Cultivated Sparkling Sodas in 5 mg LITE options for beginners and 10 mg MAX options for experienced users. 

Product Details : Lemon Lime Afterglow

Over a year in making our Lemon Lime Afterglow Sparkling Soda is finally here. This highly carbonated beverage is a labor of love, made with organic Lemon and Lime juices, organic Keylime juice, real Cane Sugar and the highest quality water soluble THC. The flavor features an incredible citrus blend and the mind blowing experience of high quality THC.
Lemon Lime Afterglow comes in 5mg LITE and 10mg MAX THC potencies. 5mg LITE is designed for those new to cannabis, we recommend starting low and slow to determine your tolerance level. 10mg MAX is made for those with more cannabis experience and a higher cannabinoid tolerance. 
A Featured Collaboration with KFAN's Chris Hawkey
Lemon Lime Afterglow is my latest collaboration with Cultivated. This refreshing THC beverage was inspired by my time spent on stage and in the studio, and the rest I need after. Refresh with my new favorite drink, made with real lemons, real lime and the highest quality THC.
Pour over ice, enjoy as a mixer, or pop the can and relax. We hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



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    It’s worth it!!

    Posted by Haven on Dec 17th 2023

    I was skeptical buying this as I do not usually get a “buzz” from eatables or drinks. But I’m glad I tried it. Nice buzz and the flavor was great. I will be buying more. Thanks Cultivated for making great products.