Our all new Raspberry Lemonade Sparkling Soda

made with delicious Raspberry fruit puree, real fruit lemonade and the highest quality water soluble THC. The unique flavor combines the sweet and floral notes of real Raspberry with the refreshing citrus found in real lemonade. Perfectly infused, this refreshing beverage will be your new favorite.

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Cultivate Joy

Try Lemon Lime Afterglow, the all new Chris Hawkey beverage collaboration

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Wunder Woman Flower features unique plant genetics developed by Minnesota's very own 40 Acre Coop. Wunder Woman flower is hardy, fragrant and wonderfully medicinal

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Introducing Cultivated THC Gummies

Hemp derived THC is now legal in MN. Sample our broad selection of compliant, vegan, organic, THC infused edibles.

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