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Our full-spectrum cartridges are produced by our team of Cannabis extraction experts. Each cart is filled with a blend of organic Hemp extracted CBD oil and flavored with 100% all natural terpenes to increase the entourage effect and enhance the CBD experience. 

Our vape carts are legally compliant and third party tested by state accredited labs in Oregon. 

Our vapes contain none of the pesticides, heavy metals or other harmful additives like Vitamin E Acetate found in underground THC carts. We’ve never used these toxic ingredients and never would.

Blue Dream is one of the most famous and popular flavors among Cannabis enthusiasts and has reached near legendary status among West Coast consumers. There are also strongly sweet botanical notes, producing a sweeter flavor than blueberry alone. The terpenes bring a relaxing sweet flavor that is incredibly reminiscent of blueberries.

The famous Gorilla Glue 4 (GG#4) strain produced this potent terpene blend. GG4 has a down-to-earth flavor profile, in the best way possible, with earthy pine notes. There's also a strong gassy, diesel smell that is pungent and full bodied. This powerful hybrid is known to create euphoria and relaxation that will leave you feeling 'glued' to your couch.

The Tahoe OG in the name comes from the iconic Cannabis flavor OG Kush. The classic Kush flavors show through, along with some peacefully earthy pine notes. Apart from the strong Kush flavor, the other biggest component of OG's flavor profile comes from the presence of lemony terpenes which gives its flavor a citrus zest.

GSC is a Terpy sweet treat will surely remind you of that wonderful Thin Mint cookie that everyone knows and loves. It's bready and sweet with strong chocolate notes, plus a touch of peppermint. The flavor profile is intricate and complex and has led to GSC's status as a modern icon.

Keylime Reserve is named for Key Lime Pie. The well balanced sweet and sour profile greets you with the recognizable Key Lime small and taste. Like, GSC it has a dessert-like flavor, but with a sour lime element that takes it in an entirely different direction. This Indica blend profile has been described as helpful for stress and anxiety.


  • 5
    Tahoe OG

    Posted by Devan on Mar 19th 2022


  • 4
    Needs stronger flavor profile, but effects are perfect.

    Posted by John on Jul 30th 2020

    Good product, needs more flavor.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by John Knopik on Jun 9th 2020

    I have used cultivated before but this is the first time I have ordered it direct. It did not disappoint! One day shipping. Faster then Amazon.